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Dortmund CACIB 16+18.10.2015 and Unna 17.10.2015

C.I.B. DEVDHCH, DECH, DKCH By Mylove's Nice By Nature    Ex.1, CAC and CACIB, Herbstsieger-15.
Ex.2, res.CAC.
                                                                                         Ex.1, CAC and BOS.


                                             By Mylove's Jackpot              2xVery Good.

Big tanks to judge: Inga Siil, Estonien, Steven Seymour, AU. and DR. Rafael De Santiago.

Rostock CACIB, DE - 03.10.2015

DEJCH, DECH, DKCH By Mylove's Nice By Nature    Ex.1, CAC and CACIB, Rostock Sieger-15.
Now International Champion, Rostock Sieger and German Champion-VDH.

DEJCH, DECH,          By Mylove's No'limit Innocent Ex. 1, CAC and res.  CACIB.

Now German Champion-VDH.


Big tanks to judge: Bertold Peterburs, Germany.

XXIII IDS CACIB Wrocław, Polen - 27.09.2015

DEJCH, DECH, DKCH By Mylove's Nice By Nature    Ex.1, CWC, CACIB and BOB.

DEJCH, DECH,          By Mylove's No'limit Innocent Excellent.

Big tanks to judge: Olga Sinko Kupriyanova , Slovenia.

Dogshow Zossen, Tyskland - 26.09.2015

DEJCH, DECH, DKCH By Mylove's Nice By Nature    Ex.1, CAC.

DEJCH, DECH,          By Mylove's No'limit Innocent Ex. 2, res. CAC.

Thank to judge: Elfriede Heidecker, Astria.

Show Schauenburg, DE, 12+13 september 2015.

DEJCH, DKCH By Mylove's Nice By Nature got EX.1, CAC and BOB. now GERMAN CHAMPION, so happy smile-humørikon

                         By Mylove's Jackpot, Very promising, BEST-puppy both days.

Thanks to judge: Barbara Pallasky, DE and Rob Douma, NL


Varde 29.08.2015

By Mylove's All About Attitude- Army,
EX1, CK, BM, CAC and BOB


Thanks to judge: DR. Andreou Costantinos, (CY)

Big congratulation to owner Hanne Rasmussen

Show Königs Wusterhausen 11 july 2015.

DEJCH. VK+VDH, By Mylove's No'limit Innocent got       Ex.1, CAC and is now GERMAN CHAMPION

                          By Mylove's Hot Chokolate-Emmaline Ex.1,CAC.

                          Belgado Ugnies Zenklas                     Ex.2, Res. CAC

Could'nt find a more beautiful place for my Princess Innocent to be DECH than in a Sloth park on a lovely Summerday.

Thanks to Int. Judge: Robert Kubes, CZ.

IDS Szczecin, Polen - 27.06.2015

DEJCH,           By Mylove's No'limit Innocent Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

DEJCH, DKCH  By Mylove's Nice By Nature    Ex. 2 res. CACIB.


Thanks to judge, breeder specialist Ramune Kazlauskaite, LT.

Show Poland, NDS Jelenia Gora 14.06.2015:

DEJCH, DKCH By Mylove’s Nice By Nature:                EX.1, CAC and BOB

DEJCH           By Mylove’s Nolimit Innocent:              EX.1, CAC

                     By Mylove’s Hot Chocolate-Emmaline: EX.2 

Thanks to Judge: Piotr Król, Poland


Årslev, Kreds 3 - 10.05.2015

By mylove's all about attitude-army. Blev BOB and BIS-4
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